Name : mushtaq
Cell No. : 7588427328
Blood Group : O-
Message : urgent need at least 1 un
Posted at : Aug 5 2016 3:27AM
Name : unil
Cell No. : 9637003685
Blood Group : O-
Message : ear doner one of my patient operated for hysterect
Posted at : Oct 29 2014 5:20AM
Name : dhirajlangde
Cell No. : 8983115399
Blood Group : AB+
Message : urgent need blood
Posted at : Aug 29 2014 10:15PM
Name : gajanandeshmukh
Cell No. : 8275243726
Blood Group : B-
Message : here is a burn pationt
Posted at : Aug 12 2014 11:48PM

I'm Tallapalli Satyam, I have collected the data of all the Nanded blood donors viz. Firstname, Lastname, blood group, cell number from all the blood banks of Nanded City, Maharashtra State and created a database and stored on the website. I will be asking all eligible donors to register their names on website (if not yet registered) so that anyone with an internet connection can register online for blood donation and access the database or search specific blood group in the database and directly contact the volunteer blood donor for blood donation.

Anyone who is in need of blood can place a request on the website and if any donor is interested can contact him directly on his mobile.

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